Bank To The Future: Collaboration Is Key

June 03, 2019 - Brian Booker, President & COO of Explore USA RV Supercenter on how his business banking partnership helped grow his business.

Your Commercial Bank Should Be Your Best Partner

Every business needs a solid financial foundation. That’s why your business must build a strong relationship with a commercial bank, giving you access to a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge across industries and market conditions. Partnering with a local San Antonio commercial bank will not only help your business deepen its roots — this relationship will also broaden the reach of your company in the San Antonio business community.

Commercial banks seek partnerships with businesses and corporations they believe in. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship that can generate a solid return on investment. As a local commercial bank, The Bank of San Antonio seeks to help you accelerate your businesses' growth with information, business community networking events, and mentoring from successful local business people who can offer you their invaluable knowledge and promote mutually beneficial opportunities. This means that as a commercial bank, The Bank of San Antonio has a genuine vested interest in your company and its long-term success.

Finding the right local commercial bank for your company may take time, but this vital partnership will be a lasting resource for your business. This was true for Brian Booker, founder of ExploreUSA, whose banking relationship began years ago with Alan Smith, Vice President of Commercial Banking:

“I had to find Alan. I asked people who I should talk to. There are people that I trust in the community that are in business or that work with businesses, and it led me to him. I think the best way is to ask for references from people you know and trust.”

Finding The Right Commercial Bank

The first step to building an effective banking partnership is to identify which commercial bank is right for you. Asking some key questions will help you determine which commercial bank relationship will best meet your needs:

  • Does the bank have financial experts with experience in my line of business?
  • Is the commercial bank willing and able to connect me with other key players in my industry?
  • What kind of resources does the commercial bank have at its disposal?
  • How will the bank work alongside my business as it expands?
Partnering with experts in your market is essential. Take time to understand the expertise and relationships your potential commercial bank has established with others in your field. Often, a commercial bank and its experts bring valuable insider information to your doorstep, including potential business partnerships and links to investors.

Ultimately, find out whether the commercial bank has the tools necessary to help your business meet its future goals.

Banking Services: Credit, Deposit, And Technology

From checking accounts to asset management, many businesses use commercial banks for a variety of services. Whether you're just launching your business or seeking a new commercial banking partnership, it's important to understand your needs as well as the services and expertise a prospective commercial bank brings to the table.

Research the interest rates, minimum balances required, service fees and transfer services your commercial bank offers. Your commercial bank will also set up your corporate credit card account, so make sure you understand the associated interest, fees and perks.

Nearly every business and corporation occasionally need access to lending services, making the availability of loans and credit a critical component to a commercial banking partnership. What short-term and long-term loans does your bank offer? Ask for the details of interest rates, loan terms, pre-payment penalties, and loan renewal terms.

As a business owner, you know that customers demand technological convenience, so why wouldn’t you expect that same convenience from your commercial bank? By providing online bill payment, mobile banking apps, and wire transfers, commercial banks help you save valuable time and money.

Empowering San Antonio’s Business Community

Executive Vice President and Chief Lending Officer, Alan Smith.
Our team at The Bank of San Antonio can answer your most important questions about building a viable and financially sound business.

"Our solutions are guided by technology, just as the big regional banks. The difference? We deliver more value at a lower cost with added benefits of high touch personal service and local decision making. The Bank of San Antonio is tied directly to the economy, our employees and our shareholders—our profits provide a direct impact in this community.”

To learn more about our customized business solutions tailored to fit your needs, contact Alan Smith by emailing
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Alan Smith
Executive Vice President, Chief Lending Officer

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