Grow Your Business

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Watch your business progress with new funding and customer networks.

Getting More Funding
Strategic growth is key to the success of your business. Building credibility in the marketplace takes a smart approach to expansion and brand reputation.

Expanding to New Locations
Take your business to the next level by opening a new location. Make sure your marketing plan is up to date and your finances are in order, and abide by the laws and regulations in the new location.

Closing or Selling Your Business
The decision to close or sell your business is difficult as it is — and the stressful situation is only compounded if things aren’t executed correctly. Turn to experts like your lawyer, accountant, or banker for advice on mapping out your exit strategy.

Private Banking

Experience Private Banking Like No Other.

Primera's personal relationship bankers are with you every step of the way, helping you tailor a plan to reach your financial goals and identify opportunities for growth, ensuring your hard work today leads to success for a lifetime of tomorrows.