Business Banker Denise Garcia with her client, CEO of SA Hope Center, Megan Legacy.

Business Banking

Your Business Idea. Our Solutions. 

Your business idea is worth exploring. We believe in your big idea and the big steps you’ve taken to put that idea in motion. And we have a few ideas of our own to help you along the way to more successes.


Business Essential Checking

We’ve engineered a bank account especially for you—the entrepreneur, the innovator, the one with the inspired ideas. We’re here for you with account services, special features and perks most banks reserve for big, established clients. We magnify your business by maximizing your potential. We’ll assign a personal banker to your account to help with managing finances and to introduce you to board members and bank clients who can offer business insights and advice.

Elevating Growth Through Connection & Solutions

  • Networking with fellow business leaders.
  • Events and workshops with varied equity sources, local business owners with records of success, CPAs and attorneys.
  • One-on-one attention from your personal business banker.
  • Easy to use online tools to manage cash flow, business operations, financing options and more.
  • Advanced, business-specific mobile app, including options for merchant payments, stop payments and wire functionality.
  • Innovative advice to grow your business.
  • State-of-the-art cyber-fraud protection for your business and your employees.


Business Lending Solutions

We understand that managing your business's finances can be a challenging task. That's why we offer a range of lending products to help you meet your business's financial needs. Whether you're looking for a way to keep your finances organized, finance equipment, acquire a business, or access quick financing, we have solutions for you.
Our Business Demand Deposit Account is designed to help you manage your company's cash flow efficiently. With this account, you can easily access your funds, make deposits, and monitor your balances through our Texas Partners Bank online banking platform. 
Our Money Market Account is a high-yield savings option for your business. With competitive interest rates, you can earn more on your savings while still having access to your funds when you need them. This account also comes with access to online banking, allowing you to manage your account and track your earnings easily.
Our Express Revolving Line of Credit gives your business the flexibility to access funds as needed. Whether you need to cover unexpected expenses or take advantage of a growth opportunity, this line of credit provides a revolving credit limit that replenishes as you repay your balance. Plus, you only pay interest on the funds you use, making it a cost-effective financing solution.
Our Express Business Loans offer fast funding for your business needs. With a streamlined application process and quick approval turnaround, you can access the financing you need to cover a variety of expenses, from equipment purchases to inventory restocking. Plus, we offer flexible repayment terms to fit your business's unique needs.
As a Preferred SBA Lender, The Bank of San Antonio has the authority to process, approve, close, and service SBA 7(a) loans internally without prior SBA review. This helps expedite your loan request.

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Business Blueprint

Maximize your business potential and earn your growth.

You're the one with the inspired ideas—now, power those dreams into motion with this step-by-step guide.