3 Hiring Practices That Build A F.U.N. Company

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May 16, 2019|By Patricia Wilson, Executive Vice President, Human Resources
The U.S. is experiencing record low unemployment with five generations of workers in the national workforce.

It’s a “buyer’s market” for job candidates, so finding and keeping employees can feel like a full-time job. It usually is! And while employers must endure the challenges of finding the right person for the job, potential employees are also in a stressful situation. They’re seeking work that embraces their strengths, helps them grow and meets basic needs — it can be difficult.

In my experience, both employer and employee are looking for similar things. The employer wants a FUN employee and the employee wants a FUN place to work. Let me explain before you write me off as out of touch!

The employee you want is FUN.

F Is For Focused.

The focused employee is priceless — she brings her best self to the job, aware of her strengths and constantly working to improve her skills. Focus means that the work is taken seriously, with a sense of ownership in the work’s value, substance, and quality. Focus also means paying attention to the way they work with fellow-employees and with clients.

U Is For Understanding.

Stephen Covey’s 5th Habit of Highly Effective People states that we should “seek first to understand, then to be understood.” The order is important for the employee you seek. Rather than rushing to judgment, amping up his frustrations or simply giving up, the ideal employee will pause and gain perspective by asking simple questions. When he asks What, When, How and especially, Why he launches productive fact-finding paths that lead to a better view of reality. Throw in a bit of patience and the world remains right side up.

N Is For Nice.

Nice people are easier to be around, create stronger teams and spread positivity. That perspective spreads to customers and creates a better service experience. Being nice does not mean being weak or anything that equates to being less. Practicing gratitude and passing on a willingness to work together can sometimes be the most challenging part of the day, but will always be the best choice.

Being a FUN employee is a choice and one that builds a powerful personal brand. When you find a FUN employee – hire her or him! But be mindful of this – FUN employees are awesome and will expect a FUN place to work.

Employers who provide a safe, interesting and balanced workplace encourage their employee to focus without distractions and in turn that employee will be hungry to learn and produce. Employers who understand the employee’s strengths will support their successes and continued growth. And having a workplace that is values-based and supportive is simply a nice place to be.

FUN employees are sought after and will always have choices. To have them choose you will require work. The reward will be worth it.
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Executive Vice President, Human Resources

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