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April 25, 2019 - Dr. Richard T. Schlosberg, IV, MD on what an entrepreneur should look for in a banking relationship. 
As a business owner, if you find yourself picking up your phone more than your wallet, you’re already part of emerging digital technologies that are changing the way business is done in 2019.

From banking to investing to insurance and loans, this is your business guide to keep growth for your business using streamlined tech processes.

This guide provides the tips, tools, and strategies to help make better business decisions — so please consider your own situation and business opportunities. The first step towards maximizing technology to work for your business is using The Bank of San Antonio mobile app for secure banking.

Positive Defenses To Protect Against Fraud

Positive Pay made a believer of one of our long-term clients, Dr. Richard Schlosberg IV, MD, founder of ABCD Pediatrics. Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool that matches your account number, check number, date issued, payee and the dollar amount against a list of previously-authorized checks. Dr. Schlosberg recounts what happened:

"Well, sure enough, Positive Pay caught a $35,000 check that had been stolen, duplicated, and cashed in multiple states over the course of about a week. That was technology that to us, 10 or 15 years ago when we started out, wasn't even on our radar. So, the growth of technology and banking services, for us, has been helpful and I'm a believer."

Positive Pay ensures the consistency and authenticity of business banking transactions as it automatically audits checks attempting to clear your account. Any potential fraudulent transactions will be flagged for your review. You may elect to be notified via email or text message push notifications.

Managing Your Business From Anywhere

The Bank of San Antonio’s mobile app creates a personalized dashboard of your business accounts. Operate your business easily from your smartphone or tablet with integrated functions such as:

  • Create and Edit Wire Transfers
  • Create and Edit ACH Origination
  • Make Check Deposits
  • Manage Bill Payments
  • Disposition Positive Pay Exception Activity
  • Disposition ACH Filter Exception Activity
Our treasury management team, led by Tom Moreno, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, not only embraces the technological advances in commercial banking, but the team also leverages the performance management capabilities to create a streamlined experience.

“Running a business while on the go is possible with our best-in-class technology. Our platform enables business teams to maximize efficiencies, safety and automation.”

Want to learn more about our treasury management solutions and how you can protect your business and increase efficiencies? Reach out to our Treasury Management team at and we will review enhancements to build and protect your business.

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