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Pictured here: Cristina Crosby, President of AllStream Environmental Cleaning Services and Jamie Hong former CEO, AllStream Environmental Services

Cristina Crosby spent nearly two decades as a manager in the hospitality industry before she made an unexpected career pivot into oil and gas. Now President of AllStream Environmental Services, she is using her leadership background in guest relations to bring a dedicated and customized approach to AllStream’s service-centered business model.  

As a leading oilfield services provider, AllStream is trusted to deliver improved performance results for oil and gas companies around the world through a diverse portfolio of products and services that help energy companies mitigate spills, eliminate rework, and maximize uptime.  

“In every interaction that you have on a daily basis, you’re using hospitality in one way or another. In hotels, there are guests and with AllStream, there are customers. At the end of the day, we create partnerships with each one of them,” said Cristina. “With AllStream, we make sure that every client has personalized service. They tell us exactly what they need, and we tailor our services to them.” 

With a recent move to San Antonio from West Texas for both Cristina and her business, she and her interim CEO Jamie Hong were looking for a local bank to provide just that—partnership. As they began their search, they met with several institutions, but their first meeting with The Bank of San Antonio made a lasting impression.  

In our initial meeting with The Bank of San Antonio, we were already talking about Treasury Management. Most of the other major banks we met with didn’t talk about treasury. We met with Jennifer Dunem and her team, and they outlined fraud prevention detail by detail; how to mitigate it, how to understand it, and what the bank is doing to ensure that our account would be secure — Cristina Crosby 

Not only did The Bank of San Antonio’s attention to detail and dedication to service stand out as an immediate fit to Cristina and Jamie, but the treasury management team and the fraud prevention solutions they were offering AllStream was something Cristina hadn’t encountered elsewhere. “If the bank is offering the education to understand what fraud is and how to prevent it, I'm going to implement these best practices to make sure we are saving time and any potential headache in the future,” said Cristina. “Prevention is the best remediation.”  

This principle of prevention led AllStream into a partnership with The Bank of San Antonio. Jennifer Dunem, Vice President, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager, and her team have served as partners in guiding AllStream as they enter the San Antonio market. With adding fraud prevention tools and best practices to their operational toolkit, Cristina feels confident that the next chapter of AllStream will be set up for success, and she knows she can lean on her relationships at the bank as she works to expand the company.

At The Bank of San Antonio, we are in the business of delivering solutions and service first and foremost. We were aligned immediately with AllStream, and we have been a perfect fit for a financial partnership as we've worked together to champion their vision, build their treasury management solutions and enhance their fraud prevention practices to help them grow in a new market. — Jennifer Dunem  


Vice President, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager

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