Partnerships Positioned for Growth

TRDI (Training, Rehabilitation & Development Institute, Inc.) is an organization on a mission to create life opportunities for people with barriers and disabilities. TRDI began with one government contract in 1999, and has since grown to 485 employees, serving 300 disabled individuals through providing them jobs in facility and grounds maintenance, janitorial work, furnishings management, and more. Now with 22 government contracts in nine states, CEO John Rangel relies on his 15-year relationship with The Bank of San Antonio to help manage and scale their exponential growth. 

We started with The Bank of San Antonio in 2007. We've developed a strong partnership throughout the years. We feel that that The Bank of San Antonio has been there to provide us services and fulfill our mission in moving us forward...they have TRDI’s best interest in mind. —John Rangel 

John’s relationship with The Bank of San Antonio proved particularly valuable during the pandemic. In the earliest and most uncertain days of the COVID-19 shutdowns, TRDI had to remain fully operational. Deemed essential workers due to government contracting jobs, all employees of TRDI were still relied upon to provide their services, and it was John's responsibility to uphold safety protocols to protect his staff. Throughout that stressful time, John felt he had a true partner in The Bank of San Antonio, who was with him and TRDI side by side as they navigated the unpredictability together.  


We feel that it's very important to have a bank with a local presence in order to help us...we're a unique business first and foremost...our key to success is that we have a bank that understands the complexity of our business. And The Bank of San Antonio has taken the time throughout the years to understand what we do. —John Rangel  

Rob Glenn, Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking Relationship Manager, has worked with John Rangel and TRDI since 2009 when he joined The Bank of San Antonio. Rob has taken the time and interest to understand the complexities of TRDI’s business model throughout the years. Because of his dedication to partnership and service, his expertise has allowed him to be a true thought partner to John and help him navigate the ins and outs of growing and scaling. For John and the TRDI team, that relationship is invaluable. 

“We have been able to rely on Rob any time we need solutions. He brings them to us very quickly and efficiently,” says John. “With so many business transactions that happen in one day, it is a comfort to have a partnership with someone who reaches out personally. That truly means a lot, because we have a lot of business transactions throughout the day...but sometimes you don’t always want to discuss numbers. I think of Rob as a great partner as well as a friend.”  

From Rob’s perspective, it has been an honor to help John as a thought partner throughout the many years of TRDI’s relationship with The Bank of San Antonio. “My first interaction with John was in 2009, when TRDI was looking to purchase a downtown office condo,” says Rob. Since then, his admiration for John and TRDI has only deepened as they have worked together to serve TRDI’s mission.  

I am grateful for John’s trust as we’ve worked to help the company continue to grow. Having the opportunity to support an organization whose mission it is to better the lives of people with disabilities in our community is very fulfilling for me on a personal level.Rob Glenn


Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking Relationship Manager 

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