Leading The Way: Powering San Antonio Businesses Through PPP Funding

two woman in front of the Delicious Tamales building
Delicious Tamales owners, Herlinda Lopez-Wood, left, serves as Vice President, alongside her mother, Valerie Gonzalez-Handly, right, who serves as President and CEO of the 35-year-old San Antonio company.
May 08, 2020

We’ve restored over 25,000 jobs by helping local businesses secure funding though the Paycheck Protection Program. To make this happen, The Bank of San Antonio team worked diligently and efficiently to process over 716 loan applications, and secure over $180 million for local businesses. In this short timeframe, our mantra was to roll up our sleeves and get gritty to secure funding for our clients. “We worked non-stop on this and we got it done thanks to the grit and relentless drive of our team,” said Brent Given, our President & CEO.

“No one knows better than our team how heavy the costs of this economic and health crisis falls on business owners in San Antonio, including clients who’ve been with us since we opened our doors in 2007. Our sole purpose throughout our existence has been to stand by our city’s entrepreneurs and help founders succeed. These past couple of weeks ignited our purpose to create deeper and wider impact,” said Given.
“Business founders are the most courageous and essential figures in a free enterprise economy. The companies San Antonio founders have built are the backbone of our city, and I know that the people who power business in our city will overcome the hardships created by the pandemic.”

To honor these courageous business founders, we are sharing profiles of some of our clients who secured PPP loans with us and are doing the hard work of driving business forward.


Delicious Tamales owner Valerie Gonzalez-Handly, like many local business owners, applied to receive funds from the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to help navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Delicious Tamales was formed in 1985, with five locations across San Antonio. Delicious Tamales sells more than 2.1 million tamales each year. Gonzalez-Handly turned to her banking partner, Brandi Vitier of The Bank of San Antonio to secure funds to restore her business and rehire staff.

“We were one of the first to apply for it, and we’re lucky,” Gonzalez-Handly said. “We were lucky that we were able to get the loan approved before the funds ran out.”

Delicious Tamales temporarily closed for two weeks in early April as concerns over the spread of COVID-19 grew. However, with the newly acquired PPP funds in hand, Delicious Tamales’ entire 38-person workforce returned to work in late April.'

“There was no income coming in so that I could turn around and pay them,” Gonzalez-Handly said, though she paid workers while the business remained closed. “So this is a lifesaver. Believe me, it’s a lifesaver.”

Executive Vice President of The Bank of San Antonio, Brandi Vitier worked with Valerie to acquire her PPP loan,
“I am very proud of The Bank of San Antonio who immediately saw the need of the business community with the COVID-19 outbreak. I truly believe this bank was built for times especially like a pandemic," said Vitier.

"We foster long-lasting relationships, and when Valerie called, we listened and responded. For me, knowing how diligent and persistent these two women work for their craft, their employees and our community, only made me do everything in my power to help. The Bank of San Antonio helped open the doors of Delicious Tamales, bring back furloughed employees and restore another San Antonio business treasure. Who could imagine a San Antonio without Delicious Tamales? It’s no place I would want to live that is for sure!”


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