Powering: Protection For First Responders

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April 06, 2020

In the midst of uncertainty, there are men and women who step up to contribute because they recognize and serve the needs of our community. We celebrate these skilled business owners who are keeping San Antonio moving forward. Our first story features Fernando C. Reyes, board member at The Bank of San Antonio, who turned his Toyota manufacturing company into a mega provider of face shields for first-line responders.
Reyes Hayashi Automotive (RHA) manufactures carpet and noise-canceling products for Toyota Tundra and Tacoma pickup trucks, but with the auto giant suspending operations, the team pivoted and started producing much-needed personal protective equipment.

“I feel extremely fortunate and proud to know that our Team when asked, are willing to help. This allows our team to play a role in helping our First Line responders protect their lives, and in turn, to help save other lives during this time of uncertainty,” Reyes said. “This equipment is vitally needed and I am so glad that we can help.”

The team learned about the shortage of personal protective equipment for first responders and health care workers and immediately began to explore options on how to help. The team quickly came up with a design and face shield prototype and began to produce the shields.

Last Wednesday, his company produced 5,000 face shields and will ramp up production to 10,000 a day this week.

“First, let me say that this would not be possible if I did not have an outstanding team. My son, Jason Reyes who serves as President of RHA, took on the challenge along with our plant manager, Bryan Frederick and team,” Reyes said. “The team made samples, found the materials needed, and set up the production line in a relatively short time.”


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