The Bank of San Antonio Launches Life Insurance Premium Financing


The Bank of San Antonio has announced the addition of Life Insurance Premium Financing to their list of financial services for its private banking clients.

Maria Breen, Senior Vice President, Private Banking Manager, is spearheading the launch of the service. As head of the private banking division at The Bank of San Antonio, Maria helps her clients manage their wealth, so they can build the lives and legacies that they envision. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Maria’s extensive knowledge serves as a valuable benefit for San Antonio’s business owners.

Life Insurance Premium Financing strategies provide a customized wealth management tool to help high-net-worth clients realize long-term financial goals and preserve a financial legacy. When positioned appropriately through the wealth planning and advisory process, Life Insurance Premium Financing may provide a viable funding alternative for high-net-worth individuals, with an emphasis on funding large life insurance premiums.

This strategy can help guard against the unexpected, diversify long-term wealth accumulation with life insurance strategies, provide tax efficient long-term funding strategies to meet estate liquidity needs, and meet wealth transfer objectives in estate planning while preserving a financial legacy.

“Life Insurance Premium Financing allows us to provide our clients with a tool to assist in their estate planning process, and to help ensure that the legacy they envision without putting added strain on their family members to manage liquidity and cash flow at a very difficult and emotional time.” 

With the addition of the Life Insurance Premium Financing solution to the private banking offerings, this allows The Bank of San Antonio to offer a one-stop boutique banking experience for clients that sees them through the life of their entrepreneurial journey.

“The addition of Life Insurance Premium Financing to our private banking solutions at The Bank of San Antonio allows us to serve our clients in an even more customized and comprehensive way. We are positioned to support all of our clients and their individualized needs in wealth management, trust and estate planning.”

From the inception of an entrepreneur’s idea, to working with a relationship manager to make it a reality, to growth through treasury management and specialty financing opportunities, to private banking, wealth management and trust and estate planning: The Bank of San Antonio can help “power the possible” every step of the way.

Headshot of Maria Been, EVP of Private Banking inside The Bank of San Antonio

maria breen

SVP, Private Banking Manager
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