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Angie Lewis
February 10, 2021|By San Antonio Woman Magazine

When Louisiana native, Angie Lewis, graduated from Lamar University with a degree in Communications (with an emphasis in broadcast journalism), she likely imagined her future to be behind a news desk, rather than a bank desk.
“Never in a million years did I think I’d work in banking,” remembered Lewis.

But Lewis quickly found her niche in the banking industry, and now, 16 years later, Lewis is Vice President of Business Banking at The Bank of San Antonio.

The mission at the bank is to help entrepreneurs and founders succeed. This often means that Lewis works in partnership with founders to navigate a path forward, which is especially challenging for businesses during the pandemic.

“My work is so rewarding because we truly seek to serve and help our community,'” said Lewis.

“We seek to partner with our clients to stand alongside them in their entrepreneurial journey. There is a holistic relationship that develops so that if they lose, you lose, and when they win, you win. My clients are one of the most special aspects of what I get to do each day,” she added.


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