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For Dr. John Hogg, CEO of Medical Vein Clinic in San Antonio, dedication to service is at the heart of his practice. As San Antonio’s leading vein clinic, the group treats venous insufficiency of the legs, helping patients with varicose veins and additional conditions of discomfort to lead pain-free, healthy lives. With dedicated experience and a compassionate approach, Dr. Hogg’s team welcomes patients to their spa-like facility, and their “walk-in, walk-out” treatments return people and their legs to good health. 

When it comes to the daily operations of his practice, Dr. Hogg credits The Bank of San Antonio with helping him streamline the simpler daily accounting tasks that have taken monthly account reconciliations from an 8-12 hour job down to five minutes. This has allowed Dr. Hogg and his staff extra time to focus on what they do best: treating their patients.  

The Bank of San Antonio has helped me a lot, and the practice, with simple things. End of month bank reconciliation has made a huge difference. Even if you’re not doing the reconciliations, somebody is, and it’s costing you more money when that person could be doing more planning for your company.

━ Dr. John Hogg   

Prior to joining The Bank of San Antonio, Dr. Hogg was with a larger bank and had experienced fraud. Knowing how important it is to protect his practice from potential future risk, he uses The Bank of San Antonio’s treasury management fraud protection tools, such as Positive Pay, ACH filters, deposit stream and traditional lockbox to keep the practice’s bank account as secure as possible.  

As a business owner, these tools have given him the power to manage his practice’s treasury with confidence, and peace of mind knowing additional support is only a phone call away–even while on an international vacation.  

You’ve got to protect yourself. I haven’t seen any bank that is as sophisticated and thorough as The Bank of San Antonio. And the nice thing is, there are human beings behind it. Not only are you getting notifications to approve things and make sure your accounts are always matching up, but when I was in Mexico the Bank was calling me just to make sure it was me logging into my account.

—Dr. John Hogg  

Dr. Hogg appreciates that these treasury management tools have put the control back in his hands, and he feels confident that his practice is as protected as possible.  

Headshot of JENNIFER DUNEM VP, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager at The Bank of San Antonio

Vice President, Treasury Management Sales Manager 

How are you protecting your business from fraud?

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