Paramount Leadership | International Women's Day

This International Women’s Day, we celebrate and honor the inspiring, industrious women whose many achievements have helped to shape our community and its growth. Since 2007, The Bank of San Antonio has been strengthened by its women leaders fueling the charge for impactful change within the Bank and throughout our local community. It is their dedication to persevere in the valleys and thrive in the complex that makes them a beacon of insight for our future leaders.

Brandi Vitier
Market Executive,
The Bank of San Antonio

“When faced with a challenge, I try to focus on the result...I work quickly to produce a strategy and I am mindful that the strategy may need to be tweaked. It is always important to find the positive aspect and don’t get bogged down in the problem itself.”

Patti Wilson
Executive Vice President,
Chief Human Resources Officer,
Texas Partners Bank

“Challenges come whether you want them or not. What I have learned is to approach them with curiosity, openness and a willingness to adapt.”

“This town is growing. I see the opportunities in every sector. The entrepreneurial spirit is what energizes and fascinates me. I look forward to seeing what emerges through innovation, determination, and solution-minded pioneers.”

Amy Sondergeld
Executive Vice President,
Chief Financial Officer,
Texas Partners Bank

“The ability to adapt and pivot is such an important part of success when faced with a challenge. Navigating your way through or around a challenge requires a willingness to modify your current strategy or process to incorporate new ideas or tactics. Pivots then become changes in strategy, not changes in your overall goal or ultimate vision.”

Katy Brooks, CIC
Executive Vice President,
P&C Producer,
The Bank of San Antonio Insurance Group

“For some, the word ‘challenge’ creates negative feelings, however for me, a healthy challenge is something that makes my heart skip a beat! I’ve always been curious and embraced change and trying something new. My motto is to make each day count by learning something new, and that’s especially important in an industry I love. The phrase ‘we have always done it this way’ is like nails on a chalkboard for me. I’ve been fortunate to work in environments where new ideas and changes were welcomed. Some were winners and some were…let’s say not winners but through the experiences, I learned something!”

The future of our business gets brighter every day, thanks in no small part to our executive team’s drive, determination, and high standards of professionalism. It is because of their contributions that we’ve experienced such success and growth over the past 14 years. We are especially enthusiastic about what’s to come, and we look to these visionary women to continue blazing trails and setting an example for paramount leadership.