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February 7, 2022

At The Bank of San Antonio, delivering tailored, comprehensive solutions to clients is our passion and it’s why we do what we do. With our clients’ distinct financial needs in mind, we have partnered with Legacy Mutual Mortgage in this new year, allowing us to meet the needs of our growing community. Legacy is now a subsidiary of The Bank of San Antonio and has become our new mortgage platform, which enables us to offer more services in 2022 and beyond.

Because we’ve grown through our partnership with Legacy, we can help you grow with our added resources, and provide the fastest financing for your big plans. We can now offer our commercial banking clients more capital to power their businesses because we’ve increased our lending capacity.

The combination of The Bank of San Antonio and Legacy Mutual Mortgage is about the future—our clients’ future—and our teams see the world through their perspective. We’re part of a Central Texas banking franchise with the highest level of integrity and passion for service. You can expect more from us, and we’re eager to take on this challenge. 

Legacy has a 17-year history of excellence in the mortgage business with offices in all major cities in Texas, as well as Nashville and Denver. Headquartered in San Antonio, 60% of their business is in the San Antonio/Austin corridor, which will allow for a powerful partnership in The Bank of San Antonio’s growing footprint.

Legacy has had a longstanding commitment to service, and their values are in alignment with our mission here at The Bank of San Antonio. We are excited to merge our resources to grow the tools within our Central Texas banking network to continue powering the possible for all those we serve.

Brandi Vitier

Market Executive, The Bank of San Antonio

Brandi Vitier, Market Executive of The Bank of San Antonio

brandi vitier

Market Executive, The Bank of San Antonio

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