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Bruce McMillan, Senior Vice President, Private Banking Relationship Manager
Originally from Colorado, Bruce McMillan has spent the past 30 years in San Antonio as a Corporate Real Estate and Commercial & Industrial lender. Now Senior Vice President, Private Banking Relationship Manager at The Bank of San Antonio, Bruce shares why he is looking forward to his new role in Private Banking, what his hobbies are outside of work, and what he appreciates most about the San Antonio business community.   

What is your experience and career background?  
I moved to San Antonio from Colorado in 1993 to work as a financial analyst and accountant at USAA. I entered the banking world in 2006. After a brief stint as an analyst, I took a role as a commercial banking relationship manager, and I have never looked back. 

What is your specialty professionally, and how do you serve your clients through your position at The Bank of San Antonio?  
I have worked as both a Corporate Real Estate and Commercial & Industrial lender throughout my career, and I am excited to bring my experience to the team in my new role as a Private Banker, to help craft customized solutions for our clients. 

As a Private Banking team, we offer a range of specialized services. From advisors to provide education on fraud mitigation, to tenured commercial bankers who advise founders on growth opportunities, and everything in between, our goal is to serve as thought partners for our clients to help them build long-term wealth.  

What are your activities and hobbies outside of work?  
I love to run and ride road bikes. I enjoy entering races whenever I can. I love the competition, and how good it feels to train for and complete an event. I enjoy reading as well. I always have at least one or two books of different genres that I’m reading at the same time.  

Which community organizations are you involved with? 
Currently, I am on the membership committee of SAMA (San Antonio Manufacturers Association). In the past, I held the same position for the San Antonio Rotary Club, and I was also the Treasurer for Say Sí, a creative youth development organization that supports young people in disadvantaged communities through artistic programs.  

What inspires you about working in San Antonio?  
I enjoy working in the San Antonio community. For a large town, it seems so small. There are a lot of great businesspeople that work and live in this community, and they all seek to advance each other, which makes this a unique city.  

Which of our Texas Partners Bank values resonates most with you in your work, and why? 
They are all important values, but integrity is the one that stands out to me. Try your best, take pride in what you do, and do it with the highest integrity possible.  
Senior Vice President, Private Banking Relationship Manager
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