Community Advocacy Through Nonprofit Partnership

Business Banking Relationship Manager Denise Garcia (left) with her client, Autism Community Center CEO, Tiffany Fresher (right).
Amidst a bustling career as a seasoned business banker, Denise Garcia found herself seeking a learning opportunity that could elevate her leadership skills and amplify her community impact. Little did she know that her decision to embark on the Masters Leadership Program (MLP) would not only transform her professional trajectory, but also ignite a commitment to advocating for nonprofit organizations supporting underserved populations.

I looked for a program that could help me enhance my leadership skills, so that I could expand my capacity and my abilities to give back to my community. –Denise Garcia, Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager

Denise's involvement in MLP was driven by her desire to enhance her leadership skills while actively giving back to the San Antonio community. Through a rigorous, seven-month program, MLP provided Denise with a comprehensive understanding of city governance, regulations, human resources, social development, marketing strategies, effective communications, and technologies. What stood out most to Denise was MLP's emphasis on servant leadership, which aligned with her values and aspirations, and her role as one of Texas Partners Bank’s nonprofit banking experts.

What Denise appreciated most about MLP was how immersive the learning experiences were, offering firsthand insights into diverse sectors and issues within San Antonio. One of the outcomes of Denise's MLP journey was her appointment to the board of the Autism Community Network (ACN). A direct result of her MLP graduation and the MLP alumni network, Denise’s new connection to the ACN was one of many facilitated connections between MLP and more than 900 nonprofits. MLP graduates are highly sought-after for board positions due to their enhanced leadership skills and expertise.

Denise's passion for serving on the ACN board stems from her desire to help address community needs. She intimately understands the challenges families face when navigating support systems and resources. ACN's mission to maximize the potential of children with autism resonates deeply with Denise, who sees the organization as a beacon of hope and empowerment for families in need. Denise is thrilled to join Tiffany Fresher, CEO of the Autism Community Network, in supporting an organization that serves as a beacon of hope and provides empowerment for families in need.

"I plan to use this opportunity to join the ACN board to raise awareness, be an advocate, and empower families. It's about creating a welcoming environment, and ensuring that everyone has the same opportunity to advance and make an impact," Denise shares. As a banker specializing in nonprofit financial services, Denise is an ideal teammate for organizations like ACN. Her multifaceted role extends beyond financial management to encompass community partnership, advocacy, and resource mobilization.

Denise's journey from MLP participant to nonprofit board member exemplifies the transformative power of leadership development programs. Through her continued dedication to community service and advocacy, Denise inspires others to embrace servant leadership and create positive change in their spheres of influence. As she continues her journey, Denise's impact will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the San Antonio community, and beyond.

Denise Garcia
Vice President, Business Banking Relationship Manager, Texas Partners Bank

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