Honoring Our Dads | Father's Day 2021

Steven Espinoza, Assistant Vice President Of Treasury Solutions With Texas Partners Bank

This Father’s Day, we celebrate the influence of paternal strength, wisdom and guidance at The Bank of San Antonio.

We asked dads on our team about life lessons they learned from their own fathers, and the perspective they have gained from raising their children.

Alan Kramer

Executive Vice President, Commercial Banking Manager
Alan Kramer & Family Outside
What have you learned from your father?

“There are many paths to the top of the mountain.” – All of us are on this journey called life together, and if we all traveled the same path only those in front would reach the top. By allowing each individual the freedom to chart their own path many more of us can achieve great things and enjoy the wonderful view.

Best piece of advice?

“Leave every place you visit a little better than when you found it.” – As an Air Force Veteran and high school teacher, my dad put his commitment to making the world a better place into action throughout his careers. I try to take the same approach and try to instill this same belief in my own children.

What have you learned from your children?

“The curious mind can unlock great things.” – My children’s ability to throw themselves into new ventures, passions, pop-culture worlds, and new activities seems endless. The passion they exhibit and their ability to absorb and learn new things inspires me to keep growing, educating myself, and trying new experiences. I am grateful for the new avenues we have explored together as a family and hope it never ends.

Gus Henderson

Vice President, Employee Benefits, The Bank of San Antonio Insurance Group

Gus Henderson & Family

What have you learned from your father?
Be true to your word.  Always honor your commitments to others.
Best piece of advice?
Do not try to control things you have no control over. You can't control how others react, only how you react to others.
What have you learned from your children?
I have learned to be more patient. I do my best to see life through the eyes of my children. I have found a new appreciation for so many things by viewing them through their lenses.

Steven Espinoza

Assistant Vice President, Treasury Solutions Relationship Manager
Steven Espinoza, Assistant Vice President Of Treasury Solutions With Texas Partners Bank
What have you learned from your father?
The quality of time spent together with your kids is more impactful than the quantity. The memories that stand out are those of doing things together with my dad, like working on cars or fishing at the coast, and having his full attention to ask and learn about anything I wanted from him.
Best piece of advice?
Kids are unique individuals, not necessarily “just like mom” or “just like dad”. I think of them as clay being molded by everything around them. They are quietly observing all we do, and that should always be remembered.
What have you learned from your children?
They will love me no matter what, and that is so incredibly special. When parenting gets tough, showing them they are heard, cared for, and loved is what resonates most.

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