Business Owner To Banker: Meet Vicky Pineyro, Business Relationship Manager

Vicky Pineyro, Business Relationship Manager at The Bank of San Antonio, first started her career in marketing. After moving to Texas from Mexico when she transitioned into banking, she made her way to San Antonio with her family in 2014 and has fallen in love with the city. She shares about her banking background, her commitment to service in her new role with the bank, and what inspires her most about working with business owners in the San Antonio community.  

What is your experience and career background?  

I have been in banking for close to 10 years. I started my banking career in Merchant Services with another financial institution covering the RGV (Rio Grande Valley) area. In 2014 my family and I moved to San Antonio where I started working for Bank of America Merchant Services and then as a Small Business Banker with Bank of America. Before joining The Bank of San Antonio, I was with Chase Bank for almost four years. Prior to banking, I was a small business owner in Mexico for 13 years. I had a small marketing firm. 

What is your specialty professionally, and how do you serve your clients through your position at The Bank of San Antonio?  

Helping our business owners thrive with our comprehensive array of cash management solutions, along with our lending capabilities, is integral for their financial growth. As a bank, we are equipped to help them through the different stages of their business or to build wealth and a legacy. It is always about doing what is right for our clients at any of their different stages. 

What are your activities and hobbies outside of work?  

Most of my activities outside of work are family-centric. I am a proud mom of three young adults: Ricardo, Daniel, and Sofia. Ramon, my husband, and I have been married for 28 years and we are looking forward to celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. We are all foodies and enjoy cooking over the weekend, which always gives us an excuse to gather and have a good time.  

Which community organizations are you involved with? 

In the past I have been involved with Girls, Inc., Dress for Success, NAWBO and LaunchSA. The organizations I support are at the core of what I do and what I love, which includes providing business acumen to new business owners, and female empowerment through allyship and business mentoring programs.   

What inspires you about working in San Antonio?  

San Antonio has been inspirational to me—the culture and the food, but most of all, our communities and our people make this great city an amazing place to be. There is a feeling of inclusiveness, and it is warm and welcoming. People care about people and businesses involved with their communities to make sure there is success, and that other people thrive here. I have had the opportunity to live in different cities and San Antonio has earned my heart. 

Which of our Texas Partners Bank values (integrity, service and ownership) resonates most with you in your work, and why?  

All of them—you can’t be in banking without these values. If I were to select one, it would be ownership. I like to drive and own projects with my team members to deliver service commitments for our clients.

Vice President, Business Relationship Manager 

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